Cheering Up Finch ~ Part 1

A/N: After episode 2.18 “All In,” Reese goes to extreme lengths to cheer up Finch. WARNING: Smut ahead! Totally OOC crackfic 

Finch knew he was wallowing, but he couldn’t help it – he couldn’t stop sinking deeper into his melancholy mood, looking at the photo of Grace kissing his cheek. Back when he had been happy. Back when he hadn’t realized what a fleeting thing happiness was. Back before the Numbers, or Nathan, or… any of it. He was so despondent now that he didn’t even realize Reese and Bear had left the library.

He was startled out of his blank stare when they returned. Bear boisterously bounded to him as though excited to be in on some secret – a secret which seemed to be twinkling in Reese’s eyes as well. But the taller man merely asked, “Care to join us for dinner tonight?”

“Oh… Yes, I suppose… It’s about that time, isn’t it?” Finch said with a glance at the time on his computer screen. Almost two hours had passed while he had moped about the life he couldn’t live. He got up, stiff from inactivity, and gratefully accepted his coat from Reese. “Where are we going?” he asked with indifference.

“Well, that’s a surprise… but sometimes the journey is more important than the destination, don’t you think?”

Finch looked up at Reese’s face askance. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Reese assured him with a charming, disarming smile, but it did nothing to calm the alarms going off in Finch’s mind. However, Finch consented to walk with him a few blocks away from the library, knowing that his body needed the exercise as well as some food. Bear trotted happily along beside them, stopping every so often to sniff the traces of other dogs, and as Finch’s hip and knee grew more limber, his mood began to lift as well.

Still, he balked when Reese opened the door of a white limousine that was parked, engine running, at a corner.

“Hop in, Finch – we’re going for a ride,” Reese announced with a grin. Bear entered the car with no qualms, but Finch pursed his lips and stared at Reese, trying to find answers in the other man’s chiseled face.

“And just where might we be going?”

“That depends… on where you want to go. But I promise the ride will be memorable.”

Finch considered this last statement, which Reese had delivered with a pleading, wheedling note at the end. It was hard to refuse Reese when he poured on the charm, and with his deep blue eyes boring into Finch’s pale ones – practically begging him to play along – Finch had very little real choice in the matter.

“All right, then… if you insist…”

“I do,” Reese said cheerfully as Finch ducked to enter the car.

The first thing he noticed was the stripper pole in the middle of the cabin. The second was the sensual music being played on the surround-sound stereo.

“Reese! Is this—?”

“The same one as you rented for Leon,” Reese confirmed, then rapped his knuckles twice on the thick-paned tinted window separating them from the driver. As the car inched into the stream of traffic, Reese removed his suit jacket and cast it aside. “I thought it might be interesting to see what we could do with this sort of amenity. Oh, and the bar is fully stocked – I made sure of that – so help yourself to whatever you’d like to drink. They have your favorite cognac, too.”

“Thank you, but no – I don’t think it’s appro…”

Finch’s words trailed off as he saw that Reese was unbuttoning his shirt – not only the cuffs but also the buttons leading down his chest to his stomach – slowly and sensuously, glancing up at Finch with a faint smirk on his face. Reese blinked a few times, batting his long eyelashes, before pulling the hem of his shirt up and out of his trousers.

“John! What on earth are you doing?” Finch asked in dismay as the other man shrugged his shirt off, revealing his bare chest and abdomen.

“What does it look like I’m doing, Harold? Do I have to spell it out for you? I hope I haven’t gotten that rusty…”

While Finch gaped in shock, Reese unbuckled his belt and slipped it out from his trousers, then in a graceful movement went down on his knees onto the floor – right next to the pole. He proceeded to pull out a pair of handcuffs from his trouser pocket.

“What are you doing?” Finch demanded again, his voice rising to a shrill squeak.

“I thought you’d like to see me cuffed to the pole,” Reese responded in a reasonable tone. “After all, the second time we met, you had me cuffed to a bed.”

Finch could only stare, aghast, as Reese handcuffed both of his wrists on the far side of the pole while his sinuous body undulated in time to the sultry music that continued to fill the cabin. In one corner, Bear was contentedly crunching on a bone, although even he paused to watch what Reese was doing now and then.

“Juh-J-John,” Finch stammered, “why are you doing this?!?”

“I just want to cheer you up, Harold… you looked so sad today,” Reese told him. “I do hope I’m… entertaining. Distracting, even…”

The tall man said this while suggestively unzipping his trousers, then turned around to present his ass to Finch. With care and precision, he swung his hips left and right in time to the music, crouching on all fours and leaning against the pole. Finch was flabbergasted and horrified, but although he turned away, he could not help but look.

“John! Wh-What in the world… has come over you?”

“Nothing… yet. But I hope you do…” Reese said, looking over his shoulder with a smile that exuded sex and helped Finch realize the double entendre of his own words. It left the older man too astounded to reply.

Reese then began to slowly – agonizingly slowly – push his trousers down, revealing that he was not wearing his usual boxer-briefs today, but a thong.

Finch made a distraught noise but could not verbalize what he was feeling. Reese pushed his trousers down to his knees before rolling onto his side and sliding both feet through his arms along the pole until he was nearly upside-down with his back on the floor, his legs waving in the air. Since his hands were still cuffed around the pole behind his back, he toed off each shoe and let them drop beside his head; then he crossed his legs until he was able to catch the hem of his trousers with his teeth and began pulling them off in a demonstration of dexterity which Finch could only envy. It took several minutes for that article of clothing to come off completely, but once the trousers and his socks also lay on the floor, Reese stretched out his long legs, sliding his feet along the pole to show them off to the greatest advantage.

All during this time the car had been moving, driven along the city streets to their unknown destination, but Finch was beyond caring where they might end up. He could not tear his eyes away from Reese’s revealing display and (if he were forced to be honest) he was aroused by the handsome man’s wanton movements. As Finch watched, transfixed, Reese wrapped his legs around the pole and slid his body up and down it, the brass pole wedged firmly between the two lobes of his ass and leaving no doubt as to what he was insinuating. The visual innuendo of sex made Finch’s own trousers feel tight and constricting. He could not help but imagine his own cock taking the place of that brass pole, diving into the secret place between Reese’s muscular ass, thrusting in and out in the same rhythm as the music and Reese’s synchronized movements. Through the thin fabric of the thong, he could see that Reese was aroused as well.

Finch was so mesmerized by the show that he was disappointed when Reese shifted and changed position; however, he could guess how strenuous it must have been for Reese to repeatedly lift his torso up from the floor, even with the pole to support him, so he was not about to complain. Especially when Reese, naked except for the thong, presented his bare ass to him again – this time pulling as far back from the pole as possible with his hands still cuffed around it. He managed to reach Finch’s knee where it protruded from the seat and, after checking that it was his uninjured knee, he began to rub his crotch against the knobby joint, much like he had been rubbing his ass crack against the pole.

“Oh! Ah!” Finch gasped with unintelligible monosyllables as his desire grew into outright pain. While his knee was subjected to Reese’s hot perineum, Finch’s cock was growing harder and larger in the confines of his clothing. Reese finally stopped rubbing against his leg and crouched on the floor, ass high in the air under Finch’s nose.

“Please, Master – please uncuff me,” he panted.

“Wh-What?” Finch asked, his mouth as dry as the Atacama Desert.

“Only you can get the key to release me, Master,” Reese explained. “The key… is in a very… special… place…”

Stunned, Finch looked down at the beautiful globes of flesh being presented to him with only a strip of fabric wedged between them like floss between two teeth. He swallowed hard. He knew where the key was, of course – it was now simply a matter of boldly delving into the anatomy of another man where he had never gone before. Taking a deep breath, he pulled aside the strap with one hand and placed a finger of the other hand, very tentatively, on the puckered entrance to the unknown.

“Please, Master,” Reese breathed, his voice ten times huskier than ever before. “I need to be free… free to serve you… free to touch you…”

Gulping, Finch pressed his finger inside Reese, wondering at the strange sensation of the hot muscle inside the other man’s body. He did not have to dig deep before he found the key, but he needed to use at least two fingers to pinch it and pull it out. To his surprise, Reese’s body was ready – if not downright eager – to accept both digits, and he was able to remove the key with ease. From the generous amount of clear, viscous fluid clinging to the key and his fingers, he realized that Reese must have used lubricant to prepare his body for the intrusion. Finch shuddered at the thought that entered his mind unbidden: the lubricant was not only for the key and his retrieving fingers – it was for something much bigger and much more… invasive.

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  1. Oh my! Reese on a stripper pole? Yes, please!
    Wonderful as always. Thank you so much! ^_^

  2. BOY was that HOT! Are you doing the next one soon?

  3. managerie76

     /  2013/04/04

    uh….write fast

  4. Plink42

     /  2013/04/04

    John Reese… handcuffed to a pole… in only a thong…

    Who needs ovaries anyway?

  5. Kate

     /  2013/04/04

    Oh, mah gah! Poor Finch is going to have a heart attack!

  6. Oh my. 😀 Just what I need to fill the empty hours until tonight.

  7. Mamahub

     /  2013/04/04

    Keyboard smash!

    John in a thong …. And a stripper pole… Whoa!!! Now THAT will definitely cheer up Harold! And those of us who are feeling rather blue lately.


  8. Sam Rawana

     /  2013/04/04

    Oh, this one crazy ride, neither Harold and John are going talk about, but what a ride! More please, with Harold getting his wicked way!


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