Happiness Chapter 8

Finch could not help tensing as Reese slipped a well-lubed finger into his crack. Even though Finch had known that this would be Reese’s next move, even though he trusted Reese with his life, it was still embarrassing to have the handsome man touch him in such an intimate way. Especially, as Finch now remembered, since he had not been waxed in over two years. He had not gone back to the salon after the accident; once he had removed himself from the blissful life he had shared with Grace, he had thought there was no need to care for his personal appearance – at least not to that degree. And being left to grow wild, his hair had turned into a veritable jungle.

“Mmm… Man fur,” Reese teased, his eyes crinkling with delight as his finger forged into the thick growth. “The way nature intended – just the way I like it.”

“Really?” Finch asked, taken aback.

“Really. Makes me feel… primitive. Wild. Uninhibited. Don’t you think?”

It was difficult for Finch to think anything at the moment, since Reese’s finger was gently but insistently massaging his nether opening. “Um… If… If you say so…”

“Sure.” Reese slicked his fingers with more lube, which he reapplied to Finch’s tight muscle. “If I’m going to make love to a man, I want him to be a man – not some dolled-up guy pretending to be a woman. I want him to be… someone worthy of being my conquest.”

The words rolled around in Finch’s mind, conjuring up various images of primitive warriors and explorers. Perhaps Reese had meant to distract him that way; in any event, Finch’s puckered ring relaxed enough to allow Reese’s finger to enter.

“That’s more like it,” Reese said with an encouraging smile, worming the digit around to spread the lube. Finch tried to control his breathing and let his body relax despite the intrusion. Reese was hardly hurting him with his slender finger, he reminded himself. Finch focused instead on Reese’s beautiful eyes, which were – wonder of wonders – fixed on his own and filled with a tenderness he had rarely seen. When Reese turned to kiss Finch’s ankle that was resting on his shoulder, Finch felt a shiver of ecstasy pass through his entire being. In that moment, he knew: Reese loved him. Not just for his body (after all, there were nearly eight million better ones available out there), not just for his mind (of which Finch might have been excusably proud), but for the totality of his character.

Reese loves me, Finch repeated to himself, over and over, like a mantra. It allowed his body to relax under the other man’s careful ministrations. Reese sensed the change and took advantage of it by pressing a second finger inside.

“Mmph!” Finch moaned.

“Too much?”

“No, I’m all right. Everything’s… just perfect,” Finch assured him.

“Good. You’re perfect,” Reese told him, kissing the soft instep of his foot without tearing his eyes off his face. The two fingers inside Finch were stretching him open gradually, taking their time to touch and explore his interior. When they found his prostate, he gasped and arched his back. “That’s the good part,” Reese announced with a grin. “Tell me how you like it, Harold… Tell me what you want…”

“Mmm… More!” Finch managed, twisting his torso slightly to give Reese a better angle. “That’s so… so… Umph!”

Reese continued to stroke his sweet spot while grasping his re-engorging cock with his free hand. “How’s this, Harold? You like this? Is it good, Honey?” he asked, to which Finch could only reply with ever-increasing groans.

“Oh, John… so good… good… OH!” he babbled.

“My beautiful, sweet Harold,” Reese mumbled, enjoying the spectacle of the man writhing before him. A moment later he added a third finger into Finch’s hot entrance – Finch did not even notice it. In fact he whimpered in loss when all three were removed after a while. “Don’t worry – I’ve got something even better,” Reese promised with an indulgent smile. Finch panted and looked down to see his lover slathering lube all over his strident cock.

“Oh God yes!” Finch cried, opening his thighs wide to welcome it in.

“Aren’t you an eager beaver,” Reese chuckled before positioning his cock at Finch’s sensitive entrance. He teased the older man once, plunging in the bulbous head of his cock only to remove it right away, but even a man who had withstood sixteen hours of torture could not hold back from his lover for long. He pressed back in, making sure to rub against the prostate, and slowly but surely buried his cock all the way to the hilt.

Finch gasped for breath, his own cock leaking freely against his stomach even though Reese had removed his hand. Touching himself now, he watched as Reese crouched over him in a dominant, possessive stance, feeling his thick, hard shaft asserting its right to invade him. His hip ached a little from the awkward position, but he didn’t care – he just wanted Reese to fill him, fuck him, own him. Nothing else mattered anymore.

Reese bent to kiss Finch’s chest before shifting up the bed one last time, fitting his cock in completely and leaning in to kiss his lover on the lips. He laughed outright with pleasure when he felt Finch’s hands – sticky with pre-cum – scrabbling for purchase on his back.

“I love you, Harold,” he told the beautiful man beneath him.

“I… I love you, too, John,” Finch whispered back.

Their lips met again, Reese’s tongue seeking out his lover’s and each tasting the essence of the other. Reese placed his hands on Finch’s shoulders, holding him and communicating his love, as his hips began to pound into his ass. Finch managed to hook his feet at the small of Reese’s back, thereby giving Reese the perfect angle to plunge into him. They melded together in passion, Reese grunting and rutting, Finch gasping and welcoming, as they became locked in the timeless dance of lust.

This time, Finch came first, his over-stimulated cock exploding between their bodies. The shudder of release resonated through both of them as Finch clenched Reese’s cock – already near to bursting itself – and an ecstatic caterwaul escaped Finch’s lips. Reese forbad himself from coming, though, until Finch’s climax was completely over. Then and only then he began thrusting as his desire demanded, and soon he injected all of his love and gratitude and cum into Finch’s trembling body.

“Oh… Oh, God… Oh, Harold,” he panted, collapsing again on his lover’s sweaty chest.

“Oh, John… Oh, God… Oh, John,” Finch responded senselessly.

They lay there, entwined, for several long minutes.

“Hey, Honey,” Reese finally whispered. “You awake?”

“Yes. Barely.”

“Are you happy?”

Finch opened his eyes at the question, then slid his hands over Reese’s glistening back until they were combing through his short hair.

Perfectly happy, Dear.”

Reese smiled and removed his cock from Finch’s hole, allowing him to relieve his aching hip, and embraced him tightly.

“Me, too.”

After one more tender kiss, they drifted into a comfortable sleep, with the Machine watching over them in silence.


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  1. managerie76

     /  2013/03/11

    Wonderful! Just wonderful!

  2. Harold Honey? John Dear? Hysterical and sweet at the same time. This is so hot, so tender and intimate. It’s great that Harold can’t believe some one so handsome & strong can love him & want him physically yet John loves & needs him as someone to need him & love him …the real John, killer, spy, warts & all

    • Heeheehee… I could see them using humor to break up some of the awkwardness of the situation, but yeah — they both love each other and need each other, warts and all. 🙂

  3. Kate

     /  2013/03/11

    You are amazing!

  4. Mamahub

     /  2013/03/11

    Sigh! Perfection! So hot and tender and passionate and loving. Just simply … wonderful. Thank you.

  5. Marnita

     /  2013/03/12

    Awesome job!! Beautifully done; lovely details and emotions. Thanks!!

  6. rainiejanie

     /  2013/03/13

    Awww. Just… Awww. 🙂

    Looking forward to more stories!

  7. bell

     /  2013/03/15

    it’s just perfect T u T

  8. managerie76

     /  2013/05/02


  9. katito

     /  2014/12/24

    amazing as asways asdasdasdasdad -<


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