Happiness Chapter 7

Reese toed off his socks and crawled into the bed, straddling Finch, never breaking eye contact with his enraptured partner. Running one finger down Finch’s undershirt, he smirked, “I think you’re a little overdressed for the occasion, Harold.”

“You… think so?” Finch asked, his voice raspy with anticipation. He was not disappointed, as Reese slid both hands under the hem and rubbed up Finch’s torso in order to get the t-shirt off. Finch willingly raised his arms to facilitate its departure, but the collar caught on his glasses and knocked them askew. Casting the shirt aside, Reese crouched closer to Finch’s face and pushed the glasses up to his forehead. Somehow, Finch felt naked without his glasses, but with Reese’s handsome face looming in his vision, he had no time to feel embarrassed.

“Harold… Sweetie… Darling…” Reese murmured between covering Finch’s cheeks and nose with kisses. “Baby… Sugar… Honeybuns…”

“I… I beg your pardon?” Finch asked in confusion as he tried to savor the sensation of being kissed.

“Just trying out… some pet names… to see which one… fits best,” Reese answered, nosing Finch’s sideburns while nibbling on his earlobe. “Is ‘Honeybuns’ a bit much?”

“A bit,” Finch agreed, though rather distracted by the newfound pleasure of running his hands along Reese’s muscular back. The bare skin exuded strength and Finch reveled in absorbing it, learning all the contours and ridges of the younger man’s body through his fingers and palms and even his own chest, upon which Reese’s was now pressed. Their cocks were in contact as well, creating a delicious heat between them, although they were still separated by their respective boxers.

Reese smiled as he nipped at the soft flesh of Finch’s throat. “Okay. So I’ll just call you ‘Honey.’ As in, ‘Harold, Honey, what’s for supper?’”

“Well… I suppose it’s only fair… since you did cook lunch…” Finch gasped. Reese’s hands had made their way down to the waistband of his underwear and were beginning to tug at it. “I s—suppose… you would be… ‘John, Dear,’ in that case…”

Reese grinned and sucked on Finch’s skin, hard, right where the knot of his necktie would usually fall, the noise his mouth made a joyous affirmation of his approval.

“Sounds good to me,” he said when he came up for air, having left a good-sized hickey on Finch. “I’ll be right back,” he added with a peck to his lover’s jaw, then dove under the blankets, sliding down for a better angle of attack. Finch could only stare blindly up at the ceiling as he felt his boxers being removed (along with his socks) and wait in anticipation as the large lump under the covers contorted to remove his own last piece of clothing. When he saw the garments being flung out the side of the bed, he knew there was nothing left to come between them – and he was glad.

Reese straightened out both his body and the blankets, covering Finch in warmth and sensual desire. His lips were everywhere, his tongue tasting Finch’s stomach and chest before swirling around his hardened nipples. When his cock slid against Finch’s, both men let out moans. They were both leaking and straining, and Reese knew they couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Give me a hand, Honey,” he whispered while positioning his body, supporting his weight with one arm while using his other hand to hold their cocks together. “Touch me, Harold…”

Finch was more than happy to comply, placing both his hands around the hot shafts so that they created a warm tunnel. “John… oh, John! So hot… so… strong…”

Reese began thrusting, slowly at first but with deliberate friction against Finch’s cock, maximizing their pleasure. “Harold… Honey… Mmm… so good!”

“Oh, God! Oh… John… Uhhngghhh!” Finch panted, his mind going blank from the intense sensations. He used his thumbs to rub both their leaking slits, smearing pre-cum over their glans, while Reese began thrusting in shorter, more frantic strokes.

“Harold… so… good… Mmm… Mmm… Uh! Uh! UH!!!”

Grunting with the effort, Reese reached his climax, ejaculating all over Finch’s stomach, chest, and cock. The twitching motion combined with the heat of the fluid spilling onto his body sent Finch over the edge a moment later, his own cum mixing with Reese’s in a white, sticky mess like so much sugar glaze drizzled on a pastry. Reese ran his cock against Finch’s in a few more weak thrusts, then collapsed on top of his lover, sated and gasping for breath.

“That… was… amazing,” he finally pronounced.

“I concur,” Finch said, his breathing equally labored although he had not moved half as much. It was hot, almost stifling, being trapped as he was under Reese’s body, but he did not want this moment to end. It was the most perfect place to be, with Reese’s arms wrapped around him and Reese’s lips pressed against his chest.

Unfortunately, after a few minutes Reese started to get up.

“Where’re you going?” Finch asked, feeling disappointed and slightly petulant.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Reese assured him as he pulled open the drawer of the bedside table. “I just wanted… to get this.”

What he brought out was a large tube of personal lubricant – another one of his impulse purchases earlier at the bodega.

“I hope you didn’t think that was all I wanted to do to you,” Reese asked with his brows raised significantly.

“Oh… Well… I should hope not,” Finch managed to reply.

Reese slid down his lover’s body again, this time pulling the covers along to expose Finch, lying naked and covered in cum.

“Now there’s a sight for sore eyes,” he purred. “You’re as beautiful as I’d always imagined you’d be.”

Finch blushed as he glanced down at himself. “Perhaps you need an appointment with an optometrist, Mr. Reese. Or better yet, an ophthalmologist.”

Reese grinned, wolf-like, while he squeezed a dollop of lube onto his hand and warmed it. “I’ve always had better than 20/20 vision, Harold. Trust me, you look beautiful.”

Finch could feel his entire body flushing under his lover’s smoldering gaze. “Well, they do say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder…”

“Then I guess I’ll just have to behold you all the time, Honey,” Reese declared before lifting Finch’s good leg onto his shoulder.



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  1. Plink42

     /  2013/03/11

    Mmmm… now that’s nice. So tender and loving and sweet. (Reese running through the pet names made me giggle!) And there’s still more coming… figuratively and literally. 😀 Can’t wait!

    • I was remembering how he’d called Jessica “Sweetheart” and thought he’d want a cute pet name for Harold, too. 😉

  2. Mamahub

     /  2013/03/11

    Yipeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    Beautiful! Moar!!!!!!!!!

    I, like John, am insatiable. 😉

  3. rainiejanie

     /  2013/03/11

    Again, you make me wish I was Harold! 😀

    One question (might sound silly): I’ve never known the difference between an ophthalmologist and an optometrist. They’re both eye doctors and that’s all I know.

    • I just wish I were a pillowcase! XD

      From what I understand, an optometrist checks your eyesight and fits you for glasses or contacts. An ophthalmologist checks for your eye health — looking for problems like glaucoma, detached retina, cataracts, etc. However, most optometrists are now trained to spot early signs of more serious problems too. I believe only ophthalmologists are certified to do surgery on your eyes, though.

  4. managerie76

     /  2013/03/11

    “Okay. So I’ll just call you ‘Honey.’ As in, ‘Harold, Honey, what’s for supper?’”

    “Well… I suppose it’s only fair… since you did cook lunch…” Finch gasped. Reese’s hands had made their way down to the waistband of his underwear and were beginning to tug at it. “I s—suppose… you would be… ‘John, Dear,’ in that case…”

    THIS! All of this!


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