A/N: During Episode 2.04 “Triggerman,” Reese gets shot and opens his shirt to check himself, then runs out of the building with his shirt unbuttoned. When he returns to the library, he is staring out of a window with his shirt still unbuttoned.


Reese couldn’t help it – every time he was forced to observe a pair of lovers (and in his case, they were more often star-crossed than not), he was reminded of the love he had shared with Jessica. It had been the same with Joey and Pia; it was the same now with Riley and Annie. There was a pain in his chest that had nothing to do with the bullet which had just hit him in the Kevlar vest.

He longed so desperately for a relationship like that – intimate, comfortable, and comforting – that he could almost taste it. And he knew, behind the self-sufficient façade which Finch used to block all of Reese’s flirting remarks and innuendos, that his partner also longed for the same thing. For human interaction. For love.

Well. Reese was going to do something about it; he was going to make the opening gambit. He turned to face Finch with his shirt still unbuttoned down to his navel.

He was rewarded with a slight pause before Finch said, “Perhaps we should focus on the more pressing issue of finding them.” For a brief moment, Finch had lost his focus, lost his concentration and train of thought, as he’d been distracted by Reese’s open shirt. Even though there was a cotton undershirt beneath it that kept Reese’s chest from showing. Much.

Reese knew that he wouldn’t be able to get Finch to admit to it while they still had a case – two numbers in fact – to work on. Even after the lovers were somehow rescued and sent on their merry way, he might not be able to compel the truth from Finch’s lips. But it was a start. Reese felt infinitely better now, knowing that Finch had looked – that the secretive older man was at least interested.

He would work out the rest later, once his work was finished. He was a hunter, after all, and he always caught his quarry.

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  1. Plink42

     /  2013/03/01

    With the tight t-shirts that Reese wears, how could Finch NOT notice? Besides, the hunt is half the fun. Maybe there could be a part two that focuses on the other half? 😉

    Lovely as always! 😀

    • You know, I was thinking about Finch’s side of this story… how his mind goes blank for a moment as he focuses on Reese’s sexy chest… then how he gulps and tries to get back on task! XD
      Thanks so much!!

  2. deliacerrano

     /  2013/03/01

    How could anyone not look? Reese is gorgeous! Finch is so lucky. More story please…love Reese stalking/hunting Finch! Finch plays the shy, interested but hesitant guy so well.

  3. Elandan

     /  2013/03/02

    I watched the rerun on Thursday and that particular scene did seem like it…..could be deeper—the way he was just “posing” against the door – and mentioning changing into a fresh shirt….as if Finch might enjoy that particular activity? Nice piece, love your work!

    • Thank you so much! 😀
      I think Finch might have been envisioning John taking off that bullet-holed shirt… sliding it slowly down his long, muscular arms… :::droool:::

  4. Sam Rawana

     /  2013/03/03

    Be careful for what you wish for John, because you may or not like what you find. John’s playing a dangerous game, with Harold. There’s so much a man can take before he snaps, and what come tumbling out , may shock or thrill John. But I think John going have fun flirtying the life out Harold. Cue the fun and(heart attack). More please?

    • I wasn’t really thinking of a sequel to this story, but I can just see them having fun flirting and teasing each other. 😉

  5. managerie76

     /  2013/03/13

    Nice side of an episode.


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