Just Curious Enough 2

Pierce approached the apartment with caution, peering around the corner before darting to the doorway. He used a reversing lens to look in through the peephole and felt his heart beat faster when he saw some movement inside. He could tell that it was dimly lit – mood lighting at best – so after assessing both the deadbolt and the newly-installed electronic lock, he crept back to turn off the lights in the hallway. The electronic lock was not hard for him to hack; while his code-breaking device was running, he used the tools he had borrowed from Zvi (his former-Mossad bodyguard) to turn the deadbolt. Opening it was also easy – doing it quietly so that he was not heard by whomever was inside was the difficult part.

When the deadbolt finally snapped back into the door, Pierce froze at the sound which seemed unusually loud in the deserted hallway. The code-breaker made a muffled beep to inform him that the electronic security had also been disabled. Now all he had to do was slip inside to see who and what were in the loft. He drew a deep breath and held it as he nudged the door open, relieved that its hinges did not squeak.

He did not have to wait for his eyes to adjust to the dim lighting – silhouetted against the large picture window directly in front of him was the shadowy profile of a man with a somewhat rotund belly. Mr. Brains, I presume, he thought to himself, excited to realize that he had come upon the man unawares. Before he could gloat, however, he noticed that Finch was kneeling on a bed, moving in slow but deliberate thrusts, and was not alone: the familiar long legs of another man were wrapped around Finch’s waist, the heels digging into his buttocks to draw him even further in—

Oh, God! Pierce thought, clamping one hand over his mouth to suppress his cry of surprise. He’s fucking John!

The moans coming from the bed confirmed his deduction.

“Ah! Mmm… mm… ah! M—Master…!”

The unmistakable voice of the operative was begging, almost whining, at least an octave higher than Pierce would have believed it could go.

“What is it, John?” Finch asked breathlessly as he continued to thrust. “What do you want? I want to hear you… beg for it.”

“Please, Master… ah! M—more, please… harder… Ah! Ah! Faster!”

“What do you want, you wanton thing? You want me to fuck you? You want me to cum inside you?”

Finch paused his movements as he adjusted his position, leaning over Reese by supporting his weight on his forearms. Reese moaned and whimpered at the delay, his feet running up and down the small of Finch’s back until his lover began thrusting deep within him again.

“Yes! Oh! Mm… mmm… ah! Ah! Yes! Ye—es! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Pierce’s own cock had grown hard as soon as he had realized what was happening. The sexy voice of John – who had proven himself so deadly and capable in a fight – begging to be fucked by another man was an incredible turn-on. Pierce had automatically reached into his jeans to grasp his weeping cock; it was too confining, though, so he unbuttoned and unzipped it with his other hand, trying not to make a sound while desperate to relieve his raging erection. He pulled on the hot and sweaty skin, rubbing the leaking pre-cum around with his thumb, and tried to keep his breathing quiet. If he did not succeed, the two men locked in passion did not seem to notice.

Finch shifted on his knees and bent even lower over Reese until he was kissing his partner’s nipples; Reese accommodated him by raising his ass so their connection would not be lost. Pierce noticed that there was a folded blanket under Reese’s buttocks, propping him up to the right height for Finch to penetrate him, and even in the darkness he could see the muscles in Finch’s ass cording as the mysterious man pressed his cock deep and hard into Reese’s welcoming body. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen – and he had seen plenty of hot things in his life of luxuriant excesses. As Finch ran his tongue over Reese’s chest, making Reese groan and writhe in ecstasy, Pierce imagined tasting the handsome man’s skin for himself. He bit his lip and spurted cum all over his hand, spattering the floor as well, but the other two were still engrossed in their lovemaking.

“Mmm! Harold! Please…”

“I told you, John – you’re a sex slave… I bought… from the Gypsies! You are not to… address me… so… familiarly,” Finch said between biting Reese’s nipples as punishment. Each bite caused Reese to cry out in pain and desire.

“Forgive me, Master! I… forget my place… because you’re so… fucking… good!

“You’re… forgiven,” Finch panted. “Now… what do you… want?”

“Please, Master… I want you to cum… inside me! I want to feel you… fill me… with your hot… juicy… cum…”

With each word that Reese spoke, Finch shoved his cock hard into him. Reese was still clutching Finch’s torso with his legs, and Pierce saw that his toes – his entire feet – were curling in exquisite pleasure. Finch’s movements became faster, shallower, as he neared completion. He must have been hitting Reese’s prostate with every thrust, for Reese was no longer coherent, only raising his voice in a succession of needy sounds.

“Ah! Ah! Ahn! Nnn! Mmm! Ah, ah, AH! AAAHHH!!! AAAHHH!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Pierce could see the ropy strands of cum shooting out of Reese’s cock, dripping onto the man’s lean, naked body. From the grunts and gasps emanating from Finch, it was obvious that he had reached his climax too.

“Ung! Umph! Ngh! Nmm! Mm! Huh! Huh! Hah! Aaaggghhh!!!

After a few more long, spasmodic thrusts, Finch collapsed on Reese’s cum-covered chest. Reese’s legs splayed out strengthlessly, his feet dangling in the air, before the heels came to a rest on Finch’s back. Both men were breathing hard, taking in great draughts of air after the exertion; Pierce adjusted his clothing (wiping his sticky hand as best he could on his shirt) before stepping closer to them.

“So, Mr. Pierce. Was it as good for you… as it was for us?” Finch asked calmly despite his labored breathing.

Caught off-guard, Pierce could only stutter.


“I’d rigged the lock… to send us an alarm… if anyone tampered with it. Although I’d already guessed… you would show up here… tonight. You just couldn’t stay away, could you? Not without checking this place out, at least.”

Finch pushed himself up off of Reese, his cock still buried inside his lover, and adjusted his glasses.

“I can’t blame you, really… John is too attractive to go unnoticed. Look at him – isn’t he simply breathtaking?”

Pierce did not need a formal invitation; he moved over to the bed, realizing for the first time that Reese was blindfolded and bound to the bedposts with a pair of leather belts.

“Harold… I’m feeling a little exposed here,” Reese protested.

“You are still mine to do with as I please,” Finch chastised. “If I wish to show you off as a trophy, I shall.”

“Yes, Master… of course,” Reese meekly replied.

“And, if I choose to allow Mr. Pierce to lick you clean,” Finch continued with a significant lift of his eyebrows at Pierce, “you are to vocalize your appreciation just as you would if I were cleaning you. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master.”

Pierce could hardly wrap his mind around what was being offered him. Reese’s entire torso was glistening with sweat from the sex, and the sticky trails of cum on his stomach and chest had been smeared by Finch’s body when his “Master” had lain on him. Pierce gulped, then approached the bed as though in a trance, mesmerized by the sight before his eyes.

“Mr. Pierce? Would you like that?” Finch prodded.

Would I?!? I would pay you any price for the honor,” he responded with fervor.

Finch smiled at the thought as he sat back on his haunches, giving Pierce permission to do as he had said. Reese flinched and moaned as Pierce ran his tongue and lips over his skin, devouring every sticky trace of his semen, and helplessly keened when Pierce sucked on his nipples. Pierce enjoyed every moment of it, leaving no ridge or ripple unexplored.

“He’s a bit sensitive there,” Finch said fondly as he looked down on the tableau. “He’s already getting hard again. I may have to train him to have more self-restraint.”

Pierce was eyeing Reese’s growing erection, sliding a hand down to fondle his own reinvigorated cock, when he noticed the slick sheen of cum on Finch’s soft, protruding stomach.

“Master,” he rasped, taking his mouth away from Reese’s body, “may I have the honor of cleaning you too?”

“Well, since you asked so nicely—” Finch began, only to be interrupted by Reese’s cry of dismay.

“Master, that is my job – my privilege!” Reese complained.

“You two will just have to learn to share,” Finch chided, then grabbed Reese’s ankles and raised them to rest on his own shoulders before slowly pulling his cock out of Reese. Pierce’s eyes bulged at the sight: Finch’s penis was much thicker than average and a good eight inches long even half-flaccid. Pierce was impressed not only by its size but also at the fact that Reese had managed to take it in its entirety up his ass.

“Oh… Master…” Reese whined at the loss.

“Don’t worry, John – I’ll fuck you many times yet.”

Finch crawled on his knees, straddling Reese, up the bed to remove the blindfold and the belts from his hands. While Reese chafed his wrists, Finch settled into a comfortable position with his back against the headrest and his injured leg dangling over the side of the bed.

“Now, my slaves,” he signaled, and the two other men were on him in an instant, licking away the residue of lust from his skin. He placed a hand each on their heads, combing through their hair approvingly with his fingers, as they both tried to outdo the other in their eagerness to serve. When Reese went to Finch’s left nipple, Pierce went to the right; and when Reese plunged his face into his lover’s crotch to kiss and suck on his magnificent cock, Pierce quickly followed suit, so that the two of them were mouthing and fawning upon the organ from either side, their saliva dripping onto the bedding between Finch’s parted legs.

“Yes… good… excellent,” he murmured in encouragement, leaning his head back against the brick wall with his eyes closed in pleasure. “You two make a… quite a wonderful team…”

They finished licking his cock, which had grown erect again, and moved to his balls at his gentle nudging. Their faces mashed together as they each tried to get a better mouthful of his testicle and sac, and when they sucked on them in tandem Finch groaned in delight. He pushed their heads further down to make them clean the crease of his crotch and perineum also. It was while they were licking along his inner thighs that Finch pulled up Reese’s head by his hair.

“John, my dear slave – are you hard again?”

“Yes, Master. Very hard,” he responded, his eyes lighting up with expectation.

“And Logan, my neophyte – would you like to be fucked by John?”

“Oh, Master! I love you!” Pierce cried in joy. He had given up stroking himself in favor of using both hands to serve Finch, as Reese had been doing, and so he was thrumming with need.

“Then you must wear the trappings of a true slave,” Finch told him, picking up the blindfold (a black silk tie) and the two belts. “You must submit your entire being to me and, by my authority, to John, to be fucked into oblivion until there is nothing left for you to call your own – not your body, not your life, not your soul. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master – I understand and accept! Anything to be fucked by you or John,” Pierce said fervently.

“Very well, then; remove all your clothing and come here…”

After Pierce had hastily shed every stitch, Finch and Reese each tied one of his wrists to the bedposts and then Finch placed the tie around his eyes.

“This is not only a symbol of your complete submission but also a tool to enhance your sensitivity to pleasure,” he explained. “By not knowing what I will do to you next, you relinquish your control of your mind to me; by not seeing what I do to you, you will be forced to rely on your sense of touch, thereby experiencing every ounce of pleasure that I give you a hundredfold.”

Breathless with anticipation, Pierce was still caught unawares as something lightly smacked his nipple.

“Agh!” he cried, writhing against the improvised yet secure handcuffs. His other nipple was also swatted. “Ack!”

“I think it’s time we called in reinforcements, John,” came Finch’s calm voice. “I believe Lionel could use a good fuck. That supermodel he’s been seeing is in Finland for a photo shoot.”

“I’ll let him know, Master,” Reese answered.

Pierce heard the sexy man move away from the bed and dial a number on a cell phone, but before he could eavesdrop on that conversation he was distracted by a series of thwacks traveling over his torso.

“What I have here, Logan, is a small riding crop,” Finch told him. “I don’t particularly enjoy inflicting pain, but this is to heighten your awareness of your body – the stimulation makes your nerve endings more active so that any touch” —Pierce felt a warm hand run across his ribs and shuddered— “is magnified by the receptors in your brain. Do you like that, my slave?”

“Y—yes, my Master,” he gasped. “Very much! Thank you… Ah!”

More stinging taps assaulted his senses, randomly occurring at different parts of his exposed body, but when he heard Reese’s footsteps approaching the bed again, Pierce knew that it had all been worth it.

“Wow, Master,” Reese remarked, “you’ve done a beautiful job of making the color show up on his pasty white skin.”

“And you look wonderfully aroused with your cock standing at attention like that,” Finch responded. “You look good enough to eat! In fact, I really don’t feel like sharing you with anyone, after all.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that; I really don’t feel like being shared.”

“Well, much as I’d like to pound you into this bed, I’m afraid it would get a little too crowded when Lionel shows up to give Logan a good fucking…”

“We could always go to your place.”

“You know, John, I think that’s an excellent idea. It’s so much more private there…”

“Wait! Wait!” Pierce protested. “You’re not gonna fuck me? And who’s this Lionel guy? Look, I agreed to all this – I played along like a good little slave – so I could get fucked by you, with your enormous cock, or John! You’re not gonna just leave me here to get fucked by a stranger, are you? You—You wouldn’t seriously…”

“Logan, my slave, you already promised me your complete submission. Whether I let John or Lionel fuck you is entirely up to me,” Finch said in a maddeningly cool tone. “And you need to show more respect when you speak to your master. I think a few hours with Lionel will be just the thing to teach you the importance of manners and self-restraint – especially to not stick your nose into other people’s business. It was very bad and very dangerous of you to track John’s movements. You need to be punished for that, of course, and Lionel will know just what to do…”

All the time that Finch was speaking, Pierce could hear rustling noises which – coupled with the contents of his captor’s lecture – formed a cold, hard knot in the pit of his stomach. He realized that they were putting on their clothes. He now knew with the certainty of dread that he was going to be left here, alone, to be at the mercy of this Lionel, who Finch seemed to indicate was a ruthless motherfucker.

“Please… Please!” he begged, his voice hoarse with fear, but he could hear the two men putting on their shoes.

“Goodbye, Logan. It was fun having you as a fellow slave, if only for a short while,” Reese said with not even feigned regret in his voice. “Don’t worry – Lionel will take good care of you. By the time he’s through with you… well, let’s just say your old friends won’t know what happened to you.”

“No, please! Help me! John—”

“Now, Logan. You already promised that you’d be a good little slave,” Finch reminded. “Just do whatever Lionel says and you won’t get hurt. Much, anyway. I hope…”

“No, please! I’m begging you, don’t leave me! I’ll pay you anything you want! Anything!” Pierce sobbed, but his words echoed hollowly in the spacious loft along with the sound of the shutting door.

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  1. Oh that was mean…hot…but mean lol. Hope that it teaches Mr Logan to give it up John belongs to Finch and to mind his own business.

  2. Plink42

     /  2013/02/23

    Bwahaha! Logan so deserved it! Just because he’s as rich as Harold doesn’t mean he can have everything Harold does, and especially not John. The mere thought makes my stomach turn. 😛

    Wonderful as always! 😀

  3. Kate

     /  2013/02/23

    Yipeee! That’s all I can say! I am overwhelmed by the hotness!

  4. Mamahub

     /  2013/02/23

    OMG! I didn’t like Logan until now! That was completely and utterly hot and freaking amazing!! Finch fucking his gorgeous slave John and then John and Logan together all over Finch? Mind blowing. Thank you Thea! And super happy belated birthday to Managerie! :O

  5. deliacerrano

     /  2013/02/23

    I can’t believe how hot Reese & Finch are and Bear makes it perfect. A police dog of the quality of “german speaking” Bear is just right. And he has a sense of humor…chewing on Finchs books etc. Logan is good but needs to understand that Reese & Finch are together & he is on the outside getting the scraps sad as that is.

    • Well, yes — Logan probably realizes now that they had no intention of letting him join their perfect union. 😉

  6. This was great. CK

  7. managerie76

     /  2013/02/23

    Serves the little sneak right. Also, we all know Lionel is probably as big as Finch. And more belly to lick.

  8. T'LIRA

     /  2013/02/23

    Oh that was so..so..mean….part 3 please where Lionel really does show up to give Logan what for. That would teach Logan not to get between Finch and his Reese, they are so hot together. Bravo…encore… Thanks!

    • I’m gonna start part 3 tonight, but no promises… and as Reese said, “That would be telling” — and he’s not one to kiss and tell! XD

  9. Kate

     /  2013/02/23

    ‘I told you, John – you’re a sex slave… I bought… from the Gypsies! ‘ THIS! THIS! Don’t know how many buttons this just pushed! More!

    • ROFL!
      To be honest, I hadn’t really thought of the backstory for Finch’s fantasy, but maybe I need to write an AU CapturedSlave!Reese story… XD

      • Mamahub

         /  2013/02/24

        AU backstory of Prince Harold buying Gypsy Sex Slave John?! Holy moley! I need this NOW!!!!

        Please?! 😀

      • Manohman… XD There just aren’t enough hours in the day OR night…

  10. rainiejanie

     /  2013/02/23

    This is what I was thinking as I read on:

    Part 1–Awww, so sweet!

    Beginning of pt 2–Definitely cracky but HOT!

    Middle of pt 2–Pierce is joining in?! Ewww…

    End of pt 2–YES! Hilarious! But I’m picturing them not calling Lionel and just letting him linger awhile.

    Great job! 😀

    • If Reese weren’t pretending to be a slave for Finch’s fantasy, I’m sure he wouldn’t have shared his little birdie, even if Pierce only wanted to lick him… ^_^;
      I do have plans for Pierce. 😉

  11. Reblogged this on jay513.

  12. Sam Rawana

     /  2013/02/25

    You’ll better believe it, Harold in control, and he doesn’t share, either, Pierce. Don’t touch what you can’t affort to lose. I hope Pierce pays for messing with our guys, and I hope it hurts. More please?

    • Well, I’m like Harold — I don’t particularly like pain — but Pierce will learn his lesson. 😉
      Thanks for reading!


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