Update and Mini-Rant

So it seems that here on WordPress, if you post a chapter as a “Page” rather than a “Post,” your followers don’t get an e-mail notice about it. For my longer stories, I’ve opted to post them as “Pages” since those are easier to organize; my apologies to those of you who haven’t been notified about the updates and were counting on them. I’ve posted two new chapters to my Narnia fanfic, “My Fair Brother,” in the past two weeks. Please don’t expect me to continue this fast pace of writing, though… I can only go where my Muse leads me.

As of late, my Muse has led me into a deep infatuation with two men: John Reese and Harold Finch/Wren/Swift/et al, played by Jim Caviezel (right) and Michael Emerson (left), respectively, on the hit TV show, “Person of Interest.”

poi library setAside from the highly slashable nature of these two characters’ relationship, both men are extremely attractive. John Reese is a capable spy/assassin who has no family left; he has no friends, either, except for Harold (okay, and maybe Fusco), whom he protects at all costs — even at the risk of his own life. Harold Finch, as he introduces himself to Reese (although he has many aliases), is a mysterious computer genius who has created The Machine, a computer system that sifts through every e-mail and every surveillance camera image gathered by the federal government — in fact, from the entire world — to pinpoint terrorist threats to national security. He rescued Reese from skid row to enlist his skills in helping the “irrelevant” list, the people whom The Machine identifies as either being in mortal danger or causing serious crimes — the ones the government doesn’t care about. The catch often is in predicting whether the person is the victim or the perpetrator of the crime.

If you haven’t yet watched the show, it’s on CBS on Thursday nights, 9pm EST. The first season is available on DVD. However, because Warner Brothers owns the rights to “Person of Interest,” they have not allowed CBS to show full episodes online like other shows (like NCIS). But if you’re looking for a great, thought-provoking series to hunker down with this winter — not to mention two hot, sexy men to become obsessed with — I highly recommend the first season DVD set. Plus, it will also open up a whole new archive of my writings that you can enjoy. 😉

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  1. Plink42

     /  2013/01/05

    Amen to that, sister! XD Both of them are incredibly handsome, both have voices I could listen to for days, and both of them kick some serious @$$ (Reese literally, Finch figuratively).

    *happy sigh*

    • I loved how poetic Finch’s explanation of Pi was! There’s just nothing sexier than an intelligent man… *sigh*

  2. Mamahub

     /  2013/01/05

    Oh my god I love these men, the characters, and that PICTURE!! Thank goodness you love them too and that your muse finds them to be so “inspiring”! 😉

  3. deliacerrano

     /  2013/01/05

    So I guess I’ll need to check your Word Press web site to keep up with your POI stories.
    By the way they are awsomely delicious and Finch & Reese (& the men who play them yum yum) are awesomely delicious too.

    • Well, yes, since most of them are too racy and sexplicit to post on FF. 😉
      Aren’t they, though? LOVE them both! 😀

  4. rainiejanie

     /  2013/01/05

    You should have put a thud alert before that picture. Jim’s SMILE! That is definitely one of my faves of the two of them. It looks like it’s from an interview, wish I could find it.

    The last episode KILLED it! Only quibble is, of course, TOO LITTLE REESE! There is no such thing as too much Reese.

    Excuse me. My cat is demanding attention. Good thing she’s cute

  5. Oh crap those beautiful men. Why am I, a woman almost 60 yrs old, fan-girling over ME, a man a few months younger than me, like I’m a teen again? And a hetero female gushing over two males romantically involved? I’ve never seen it before but Reese and Finch just pull me in that direction.


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