Date Night ~ Part 2

Finch’s eyes flew open wide in alarm.

“John, I’m so sorry… I can give it the old college try, of course, but I’m afraid I’m nowhere near as… as knowledgeable… or skilled…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Reese said, rising to his feet and bending over the smaller man in the chair to meet his gaze reassuringly. “I don’t expect you to do the same thing to me. In fact, I have something much better in mind.”

“Better?” Finch asked, his voice querulous and his expression frozen, just shy of panic.

“Definitely. It won’t involve any movement on your part – well, other than moving to the bedroom – and should be fairly quick and painless.”

“Oh, ah… okay…”

“Can you get up?”

“I… I think so…”

Reese helped Finch up onto his feet, then led him to the “bedroom” – a small side room in which Finch had set up a folding cot with some blankets and well over a dozen pillows of various shapes and sizes. The older man’s nervousness was apparent in the way his eyes darted restlessly around and his tongue kept licking his dry lips. Reese embraced Finch, forcing him to look up at him, and planted a tender kiss on his forehead.

“Don’t worry, Harold; I won’t hurt you. I would never hurt you. I just need you to trust me… and get out of your clothes.”

“Uh… D—Do you mean, ah… all of them?”

“I think that would be best… but whatever you feel comfortable with is all right, Harold. Although I’ll probably be making a mess, so you might want to take that into consideration.”

The faint smirk on Reese’s face made Finch swallow hard, and he nodded, flushing bright red.

“I… I do trust you, John.”

“Good.” He rewarded that confession with another kiss, this time squarely on his mouth, and had a hard time squelching the urge to shove Finch down on the bed at once and fuck him senseless. “Lie down on your side and make yourself comfortable,” Reese continued patiently. “Just leave a little room for me behind you. You can cover up with a blanket if you want.”

“Um… All right…”

While Finch started arranging the pillows, Reese stepped back into the main office to turn off the audio feed from Carter and Beecher’s phones. He knew that Finch could always review them later if he wanted to, and right now he didn’t want any unexpected interruptions; he had been dreaming of doing this to Finch for a long time and wasn’t about to let anything spoil their intimacy. He also knew that Finch kept a large tube of hand lotion in one of the desk drawers, which took him a moment to locate. Almost trembling with anticipation, Reese drew a long, shaky breath before returning to the makeshift bedroom.

Finch was lying down and fussing with a blanket spread over him, and Bear was sitting on the floor, watching his every move.

“Comfortable?” Reese asked in a low voice. Somehow it startled Finch, making him jump a little.

“Y—Yes,” he answered, although he seemed as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs; Reese thought it made him look even more adorable than usual.

“Harold, I’m not going to penetrate you – not tonight, anyway – so just try to relax.”

“Ah, okay…” he murmured, obviously relieved. “But then, how do you propose to…?”

“Let me handle that,” Reese said as he stripped out of his clothes. He noticed Finch staring at his long, exposed legs while he unbuttoned his shirt. “Like what you see?” he teased. He saw that Finch had to swallow again before he could answer – yet another bonus in an evening that seemed to be going perfectly his way.

“Yes, of course. Quite impressive, Mr. Reese.”

That last remark was directed at the bulge in his underwear which had become visible as he had removed his shirt. Reese’s cock had been straining with unslaked desire, but it had learned to know the difference between being denied and being deferred; just another occupational hazard to which Reese’s body had been forced to adapt. Finally able to slide off his boxer-briefs, Reese allowed his cock to salute Finch on its own. The organ was shaped like a representation of Reese himself: long, lean, and with a slight bulge in the middle. At the moment it was listing to the left, but it grew straighter as Reese approached the narrow bed with purpose.

“Whrrr, whrrrnn,” Bear whined.

“Sorry, Bear – only humans allowed on the bed,” Reese told him. “Although if you can persuade Harold to try a cross-species three-way, I’m all for it.”

“What?” Finch demanded, his voice rising an octave higher.

“Just kidding.” Reese chuckled while lying down on the cot behind Finch and pulling the blanket over himself as well. “I don’t need the competition. Besides, I don’t really want to share.”

Once settled in, he wrapped his arms around Finch and hugged him tightly, possessively, for a moment. He was glad to discover that Finch had indeed stripped himself out of all his clothing. Wherever their bodies touched, they shared a natural heat, which helped Finch relax against his chest. Then Reese reached back to the shelf where he had set the tube of lotion and squeezed a liberal amount into his palm, warming it in his hands before slathering it on his own cock and – much to his partner’s surprise – between Finch’s inner thighs. The older man finally understood his intentions and lifted one leg to give him unrestricted access to that part of his anatomy.

Reese smiled as he felt the dense growth of hair on Finch’s thighs and privates; it was somehow satisfying to know that he was being allowed to touch Finch au naturel, without the secretive man having groomed himself to perfection or transformed his body into an acceptable image of what he wished to project. Despite having covered his nudity with the blanket, Finch was exposed, even vulnerable, in a sense… not that Reese would ever take advantage of him in a negative way. He simply wanted to show him how good they could be together – to show him that they were meant for each other. That they were, in fact, a perfect fit.

When Reese’s hot, slippery cock was pressed in between Finch’s equally well-lubricated thighs, Finch lowered his leg with care, gradually applying more pressure to the organ. Reese moaned with pleasure as warmth enveloped his shaft. This had been well worth waiting for. Grabbing Finch’s hip with one hand, holding him tightly across the chest with the other, Reese began sliding his cock back and forth along the slicked skin.

“Mmm… oh, yeah… How are you doing, Harold?”

Finch considered the answer to the question with mild astonishment. “Fine. It’s actually… um… rather nice.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” Reese breathed at the back of his ear. “You can clamp down harder if you want. You don’t have to worry about hurting me.”

“Oh, okay…”

Finch complied, wondering at the strange satisfaction he was feeling at having another man fuck him like this. Only it wasn’t just any other man – it was Reese, the man who had risked his life to save him, the former CIA operative and crème de la crème of the United States Army Rangers, who was handsome enough to have no shortage of lovers if he so chose. But Reese had chosen him, Finch, to make love to – out of all the eight million people residing in New York.

Reese’s penis was hot, hard, and throbbing as it moved rhythmically between Finch’s legs, making the lotion either evaporate or become absorbed into their skin from the steady friction. Before Finch could suggest that they needed another application, Reese paused to slather another handful all around.

“Hrrrn, whrrrn, hrrrrrn,” Bear moaned as he watched his two humans mating, pressing their bodies so close together that it made him jealous. His breath whistled through his nose as he paced the floor in frustration.

“Bear, ga liggen [go lie down],” Reese commanded, but Bear ignored him, choosing instead to sniff Finch’s crotch area.

“I am not interested in a three-way,” Finch stated with subdued threat in his tone. Bear sensed something of his displeasure and sat down, although he was unable to tear his eyes away from the men’s movements.

“He might be a good licker,” Reese said with a grin.

Ew!” Finch cried, instinctively recoiling from the thought.

“Okay. Good to know I’m in no danger of being replaced.” Reese chuckled and kissed the back of Finch’s neck, letting his tongue wander over his lover’s skin. “I rather like licking you myself. You taste… yummy.”

Finch was startled by the sudden jolt of interest in his own cock; it had been a long time since he’d been aroused in such close succession. Of course, having Reese panting and grunting in his ear was a turn-on in and of itself, let alone having Reese’s cock sliding in his nether regions, occasionally prodding the back of his balls. Having Reese’s warm, wet tongue tickle the hairs on the back of his neck was almost enough to send Finch right into orgasmic orbit. He fondled himself in rhythm to Reese’s movements and found the combination immensely pleasurable.

“John, uh… how are you… um… coming along?” Finch asked, not realizing the double entendre of his words but worried that he might finish a second time before his partner had even reached his first.

“I’m getting there, Harold… but this feels so good, I could stay at it all night… Ever read about tantric sex?”

Finch gulped, knowing that Reese never made empty threats or claims.

“Uh… Not really…”

“You should. I did a little research once. I like the idea of having sex for the sake of intimacy, not just physical satisfaction.” Reese placed another lingering kiss at the nape of Finch’s neck, his hip movements slowing momentarily, before continuing. “I really think I could keep at this forever, but I don’t want to wear you out. Just give me another minute or two…”

Feeling Reese increase the pitch of his thrusting, Finch mumbled, “Take your time,” but he could not help wishing that they could stay this way forever as well. He was so comfortable as Reese held him lovingly in his arms; even the thick cock sliding between his thighs and the solid mass of Reese’s pelvis hitting his buttocks was enjoyable in an unexpected way – they meant that Reese was getting pleasure out of his body, out of touching him, out of being with him. Finch would not have believed it possible just a few short hours ago, and yet here they were, sharing their sexuality for mutual enjoyment. It almost made him pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

“Mmm… ungh… umph!” Reese grunted more urgently as his physical exertion – and ecstasy – increased. “Finch… H—Ha—Harold…! Ha—aaauuuggghhhhh!!!”

Reese clutched him tightly (too tightly for comfort, in truth) for a long moment. His cock was pressed hard against Finch’s perineum, the tip jutting out past Finch’s balls as it spewed forth the sticky evidence of his virility. The tremors that shook his body with pleasure resolved in glorious spurts of cum that clung, hot and thick, on Finch’s skin, then were smeared with each successive withdrawal and thrust along his greased inner thighs. By the time his powerful climax was over, Finch felt as though his entire body had been coated in Reese’s semen.

“Oh… so good… Harold,” Reese murmured as his hips finally became still.

“I, ah… I’m so glad,” Finch replied, flushed with a mixture of both pleasure and embarrassment. His own cock was straining with need as he tried to stroke it surreptitiously, but of course Reese realized what was happening at once.

“Well, well, well… you’re a horny old dog tonight, aren’t you?” he commented with a grin while his hand wrapped around Finch’s. “Can I give you a hand with that?”

“Uh… well… all right…”

Finch removed his left hand so that they each had one on his cock, forming a tangled tunnel of fingers pulling his soft, sensitive skin up and down the shaft. Reese was taking his cues from Finch, letting him set the pace, while kissing his shoulder and neck with loving attention. Finch could not imagine anything more perfect. When the tension built up in his balls, Reese stopped distracting him with his nibbles and licks, focusing instead on stimulating his penis with pressure and rubbing the sensitive head with his thumb.

“Oh! Oh! Ohh!! OH! OHH!! AHHH!!! AHHH!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!”

Finch no longer knew or cared where his semen went. It erupted from his stiff member like a geyser, soiling their hands, the blanket, and the cot, but all he felt was the intense satisfaction of release. After he had lain panting and gasping for a minute or two, he realized that Reese was still holding his cock, stroking it lovingly with his thumb, and that Reese’s own cock was still resting in the space between his legs.

“So… was it as good for you… as it was for me?” Reese asked, a smile threading through his words.

“Oh yes. Probably even better,” Finch assured him. He wanted to take Reese’s hand or in some way express his gratitude, but he didn’t want to make Reese stop holding his private member; it had been so long since he had trusted anyone to touch him like that – so intimately and personally – and he didn’t want to cut short the wonderful feeling of being loved, valued, and cherished.

“I doubt that,” Reese countered with another kiss behind his lover’s ear, “but I’m glad to hear it.”

Finch mused that he would be happy to lie in Reese’s arms forever, and since Reese didn’t make any moves to disentangle their bodies, he soon drifted off into a sweet, post-coital sleep. He was startled awake when Reese moved his one arm out from underneath his ribs.

“Sorry,” Reese said with a wince. “My arm’s gone to sleep, and I need to hit the head.”

“Oh, no problem… How long was I out?”

“About an hour or so.”

“Um… Where’s Bear?”

“He went to his own bed when he figured the show was over.”

Finch watched the mesmerizing spectacle of Reese sauntering out of the room – totally naked – before realizing that he needed to go to the bathroom as well. Wrapping the blanket around him as a makeshift robe, he shuffled into the bathroom.

“Hey.” Reese’s smile as he glanced at him warmed Finch right down to his toes, which was a good thing since he needed to hang up the blanket to use the latrine.

“Hey, yourself.” He relieved his bladder while Reese washed his hands and used a washcloth to clean up his privates. When it was his turn at the sink, Reese flipped the washcloth and began applying it to Finch’s buttocks and thighs.

“Oh! John, you don’t have to do that.”

“I want to do it. I want to see how well I marked you – as mine.”

More than the simple word, the complex relationship it represented made Finch’s entire body tingle with happiness. He watched, spellbound, as Reese cleaned up every nook and cranny of his privates with tender care.

“Say, I was wondering,” Reese began hesitantly when he finished and was rinsing out the washcloth.

“Yes?” Finch prodded.

“Would you like to come back to my place? Stay the night?”

Finch considered the invitation: did it mean more sexual encounters? talking about where their relationship was headed now? or just more cuddling as they fell asleep? In any event, his response was the same.

“Yes. That sounds… absolutely marvelous.”

Reese’s grin stretched from ear to ear, and his eyes sparkled as he took Finch into his arms again.

“Well, what are we waiting for?”

Finch: “You’re in a good mood, Mr. Reese.”
Reese: “I am. I woke up this morning and I felt—it took me a minute to put my finger on it, but I felt happy. Must be this job.” 

A/N: And this, of course, is the reason why Reese woke up happy the next morning. 😉

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  1. managerie76

     /  2012/12/28

    Quote: they meant that Reese was getting pleasure out of his body, out of touching him, out of being with him.

    Yes! Very much so!

    Love this.

  2. Such a GREAT chapter! Loved it a LOT. Gently lovingly sexy. More please

  3. Mamahub

     /  2012/12/28

    Absolute perfection! And now we know exactly why Reese woke up happy that morning! And why Finch was so glad that Reese was happy! Sigh! 😀

    • Yes! Thank you!!
      I want to write more (like their pillow talk back at Reese’s place) but I don’t know if I dare… So many Rinch stories, so little time! >.<

  4. Plink 42

     /  2012/12/28

    Guh… UNF… D’awww…

    That’s as coherent as I can get right now. 😀

    I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to a Part 3. 😉

  5. Yes we Rinchers know it wasn’t the job that makes Reese happy. I would love to see you write the night and morning after. Maybe one of the reasons Reese is so happy is that Harold ahem lost his virginity to John the night before. Grumble Grumble Grumble…that’s what usually happens…our couple finds happiness then everything goes in the toilet….

    • Indeed! And yes, *ahem* that was more or less what I was thinking as well… 😉
      Our poor guys… they can’t ever catch a break. But it would tie in with why Harold looked so distraught when John was captured. *sigh*

  6. Kate

     /  2012/12/28

    Perfection! And love the dovetail into the start of the most recent episode!

    • Thanks so much! After re-watching that episode, I just KNEW this had to have been what had happened! 😀

  7. rainiejanie

     /  2012/12/28

    Gotta say, your “too-blissed-out-for-coherency” sex-talk makes me giggle.

    Had another Reese dream last night. Don’t remember much (I rarely do) but I do recall Reese giving me a long hug. Woke up in a good mood. 🙂

    • I’m so glad I made you giggle! But if I were Finch and had Reese’s hands and body wrapped all around me, I’m sure I wouldn’t be coherent, either! 😉

      Oh, I do so envy you your Reese dreams… although I did have one in which I passed by Aragorn doing some amazing feats with his sword… (No, not THAT sword! Unfortunately…)


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