The Root of All Evil

A/N: After Episode 1.23 “Firewall.”

WARNING: Smut ahead!

“You should know up front, Ms. Root, that even if you torture me into telling you about the Machine, there are no weaknesses in it that you can exploit,” Finch declared as he nervously drove, per his captor’s instructions, northwest out of the city. “I designed it to be a completely self-contained system.”

“I expected nothing less of you, Harold,” the woman replied sweetly – so sweetly that the Machine, listening to their conversation, could not detect the hidden undertone of control, domination, and threat. “You’re so noble, so… altruistic. It’s one of the many qualities that I admire about you and that makes you so… perfect.”

“I beg your pardon?” Finch asked, his brow slightly creased in confusion.

“Oh, Harold – you don’t really think I want you for your programming expertise, do you?” she laughed. “I don’t need your help in that department. No, I need you for something else altogether… something only you can give me.”

“And what might that be?”

“Your child, Harold. I want a baby with all the genetic advantages of having someone brilliant – like you – for a father.”  

Startled, Finch braked hard and pulled over on the deserted industrial road, turning to stare at her in unfeigned, openmouthed shock.

“I’ve searched hundreds of databases for an appropriate match, with no luck,” she continued, meeting his gaze with an earnest intensity of her own. “Then suddenly – out of the blue – I found you: the perfect man, intelligent enough to challenge me in the cyber arena. Someone passionate about his work, with the dedication and ingenuity to make things happen. Someone with so many… admirable… qualities.”

She had reached out with her left hand to comb through his hair, her fingertips lightly brushing over the shell of his ear, while with her right hand she continued to point the gun (fired so recently and fatally at Alicia Corwin) towards his midsection. Astounded, Finch could not even begin to formulate a response.

“Oh, Harold… don’t look so surprised,” she purred. “You need to give yourself more credit! Before I met you, I was considering doing this the clinical way – inserting your semen mechanically after harvesting it from you. But now that I’ve met you in person… and I see how very charming you actually are… I don’t think we’ll have any problem doing this the traditional way… Do you?”

The threat in her words, countered by the openly seductive tone of her voice, threw Finch off-balance.

“I… ah… I suppose not,” he finally conceded, feeling a cold dread creep up his spine. “But Ms. Root—”

“It’s just ‘Root’, Harold,” she smiled. “If we’re going to have a baby together, I think we can be on more intimate terms…”

“Root,” he amended, then licked his dry lips. “I must warn you… I haven’t… been with a woman… since I was injured. I’m not even sure it’s… possible…”

“Oh, Harold! I’m sure we can work something out. I can do all the heavy lifting, so to speak, if necessary. Are you healthy enough for sexual activity? No heart problems, for instance?”

“N-No, nothing like that,” he answered.

“Are you on any prescription medication? This may take some time, so I want to make sure that… all your needs are met…”

Finch swallowed again before replying, “No, I don’t take any medication unless absolutely necessary. A few Ibuprofen might be helpful, but… that’s about it.”

“Good. Then let’s stop by the nearest pharmacy before we get down to business… or pleasure,” she added with a sultry smirk. “I need to pick up some pregnancy tests… maybe some KY jelly… and you’ll be needing a shaving kit. Maybe even a box of Viagra…”

His stomach churning, Finch eased the car back onto the road.

“Buy as much toothpaste as you want, Harold. Oral hygiene is important to me.”

It took over two weeks for Reese to find Finch – or rather, the hotel where the woman previously posing as Caroline Turing had been holed up ever since that fateful, heartbreaking day when she had kidnapped Finch. During that time, through the long days and interminable nights, Reese had agonized over all the things he wanted to do to Finch but had held back from doing out of fear of losing the very private man forever: to kiss him, to hold him, to make love to him, to take him on romantic dates to the symphony or opera, to hold his hand as they walked side-by-side in the park, to undress him out of his three-piece-suit one tantalizing piece at a time… Reese vowed that if he ever got the chance to do any of those things again, he wouldn’t let the opportunity slip by. Even if Finch squawked and protested, the former operative just had to let him know how ardently he loved and desired him. After all they had been through together, he hoped Finch could at least forgive him for any unwanted attention – if he could get his partner back. But he was determined to do anything and everything in his power to do so.

He now stalked the hotel suite – the honeymoon suite, he noted with sardonic humor – where she presumably was holding Finch against his will. The blinds were closed and the curtains were drawn, with the only communication to the outside world her regular calls for room service. He hoped that she was feeding Finch, at least, although he had no idea what condition the man might be in by now. Reese was ready to carry him out on his shoulder fireman-style if he were unable to walk on his own. Reese put the binoculars away in the gym bag, then checked his three handguns, tear gas grenades, gas masks (one for himself and one for Finch), grenade launcher, and assault rifle one last time before heading for the top floor of the hotel.

“Ohhh, Harold…” Root moaned as she shoved her body against his, both of them naked and sweating. Through trial and error, they had found that the easiest position for Finch was half on his back, half on his good side, propped up by an abundance of pillows. Root was straddling him, riding his cock like a champion bull rider, raking her nails through his thick chest hair as he gripped the sheets and waited for the inevitable to happen.

“Come on, Harold – I know you have it in you,” she urged, bouncing on his groin with such force that their skin slapped with every thrust. “My biological clock is ticking, remember?”

“Like a time bomb,” he gasped, attempting to respond to her demands. With the aid of the illegally obtained Viagra, he had been made to ejaculate more times than he would have thought possible; he no longer knew how many days had passed since his abduction, let alone how many times they had had sex.

“You’re almost there – I can feel it,” she insisted, pushing herself even harder against him, making him grunt in discomfort as a twinge of pain shot up his hip. “Come on, Harold… I want this… I need this… I need your hot, juicy cum to fill me up, make me burn up inside until I can’t burn any more…”

With a groan, Finch pressed up inside of his captor’s body, but he could feel that his release was still a long way off. He was exhausted from the marathon sessions of sex. Right now, all he wanted to do was sleep.

After a few more fruitless thrusts, Root sensed that Finch’s cock was beginning to wane. “Oh, no, you don’t!” she declared before disconnected their genitals, eliciting an unguarded sigh of relief from Finch. However, his relief was short-lived. Root had only changed her position to straddle him the other way, which gave her access to the blue object protruding from his anus. She pulled the dildo almost completely out, then began to jiggle it so that its tip was rubbing against his prostate, over and over again. Panting in desperation, Finch felt his manhood swell to its maximum girth and length as Root (with another satisfied smirk) began to pound her womanhood down against it full throttle.

“Your heart’s not in it – I can tell,” she warned him as she continued to stimulate him with the dildo. “You miss him, don’t you? You would rather be having sex with him…”

Finch didn’t even bother denying it. She had guessed quite early on in their “baby-making sessions” (as she liked to call them) that he was in love with Reese. “I totally understand, Harold,” she had told him, even while she stroked his shaft to milk the last few drops of his cum into what looked like a turkey baster. “John is a very sweet, very attractive man. Do you know he gave me chocolate when I pretended to have a panic attack? He’s so thoughtful… I can see why you’d fall for him. You wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to him, would you?” The implied threat had made Finch’s blood run cold, even as her comment now – that she knew how much his partner meant to him – reminded Finch to be on his best behavior. Since he was incapable of escaping on his own, he had decided to follow the course of least resistance and comply with her wishes, even though he desperately hoped that she would be unsuccessful in conceiving his offspring. He did not wish any child, let alone his own, to be reared by such a dangerous psychopath.

“All right, Harold – if you have to, think about John,” she directed him. “Think of his hard, manly cock shoving into your asshole, going deep inside of you, opening you, owning you, controlling you in every way…” She plunged the blue dildo in time with her words, making Finch gasp in desperate ecstasy and desire. “Imagine John touching you… holding you… making love to you. John loving you so hard that you can’t hold back any more—”

Just as Harold reached the brink, ready to blow his wad of cum in her all-too-eager vagina, the door to the bedroom burst open and Reese appeared, assault rifle in one hand and grenade launcher in the other. He had already donned a gas mask in preparation for all-out war. The one contingency he had not prepared for was finding Harold in bed with the woman.

“John!” Root cried out, although she seemed the least surprised of the three. She did not even attempt to cover herself. “I knew you would come for Harold sooner or later… This is a bit sooner.”

His jaw dropping slack, Reese barely managed to say “Harold?” through the gas mask.

“John, I… I’m so sorry…” Finch said, his manhood wilting as the blood rushed to his face, turning him crimson with shame. “I couldn’t help it… I… I know you must’ve been worried, but…”

Reese pulled off his gas mask and dropped it and the grenade launcher on the floor in disgust. “You’re damn right I was worried. I was worried out of my fucking mind, thinking you could be hurt, or even dead, but… I never thought I’d find you… fucking with the enemy.”

“John! I’m not your enemy,” Root protested, stating it as though persuading an obstinate counseling patient. “And I’d think you’d be happy to see Harold getting some sex. Unless, of course, you’re jealous.”

Reese shot her a look of loathing. “Not a chance.”

“I didn’t mean you wanted to have sex with me,” she said with a light laugh. “I meant you were jealous that someone else was sleeping with Harold. You are, aren’t you? You were worried sick about him…”

Reese bit his tongue, knowing that this was one interrogator he would not be able to deceive. But the tension in his jaw spoke volumes for him.

“It’s all right, John – I understand. You two are very close,” she said in a soothing tone. “Harold even had trouble performing until I bought him this special toy,” she informed him, pulling out the blue dildo so Reese could see. “I had to help him imagine it was your penis inside of him before he could cum. Isn’t that sweet? He’s missed you very much, you know.”

Reese looked at Finch, trying not to betray his surprise as he sought to find the truth there. The brilliant hue of red that Finch’s face had turned could have denoted anything, but Reese hoped that it meant Root’s words were true. He wanted to believe that they were true.

“We were so close just now,” Root said with a somewhat put-upon sigh. “He was just about to cum. Really, John, you should learn to knock! But at the very least, you can help him get it up again. We’re trying to have a baby here, you know!”

“A baby?!” he exclaimed before he could stop himself. “You and Harold?”

“Of course – I couldn’t think of a better father; could you?” she asked in return. “He’s smart, talented, and so adorable.”

“I won’t argue with that,” Reese admitted, still staring down at Finch, who was avoiding his gaze.

“Come on, John – join us,” Root said with a beguiling smile. “Get out of your clothes and… do what you want to with Harold. All I ask is that I get his semen… and get to watch.”

After a moment’s consideration, Reese set his rifle down on a chair, then began stripping out of his clothes and gear, taking his eyes off of Finch only when absolutely necessary. He noticed that Finch was beginning to tremble, his half-erect cock flopping helplessly as Root jostled him in stretching out beside him on the large bed. Reese approached the bed completely naked, his cock engorged with long-denied need, and covered Finch’s body with his own as he lowered himself over the older man.

“Do you really want this?” Reese whispered, demanding that Finch look him in the eye. After a few labored breaths, Finch was finally able to obey.

“Yes,” he whispered, so faintly that Reese could barely hear him. “Oh, yes…”

Reese licked his lips before pressing them to Finch’s, softly, tenderly, as he had imagined doing so many times before. In that moment, he forgot where they were, that Root was watching them with intensely curious and hungry eyes, and that all of his weapons were several seconds out of his reach. All that mattered was Finch, his relief at finding Finch safe, and the fact that Finch actually wanted him to make love to him.

Reese didn’t dare set his weight on the injured man and since his arms were occupied with holding up his body – just a hairsbreadth above Finch’s – he used his lips and tongue to caress Finch, kissing, licking, and teasing his skin all the way from his chin down his throat to his chest. Once he reached a nipple, he spent some time laving it and sucking it, making Finch moan appreciatively beneath him. He even felt Finch’s hot cock brush against his stomach as it grew with renewed interest, which confirmed his belief that his partner wanted to be touched like this – by him – and spread a joyous smile across Reese’s careworn features.

“Here… you might need some more of this,” Root said, holding out the tube of lubricant which she’d used earlier to ensure that the dildo slid into Finch’s orifice smoothly. Reese was irritated for a fraction of a second at being reminded of her presence, but he realized that she was simply being helpful and that the lube was a necessary tool if he didn’t want to hurt Finch. Taking it, he slathered a generous amount on his straining cock, then lowered himself on his side behind Finch, pulling out pillows and tossing them onto the floor as he replaced their support with his torso.

“Ready, Finch?” he asked after nibbling on Finch’s earlobe.

“Y-Yes… Please, John,” Finch panted, closing his eyes to savor the moment of penetration. It was gentle and tentative, Reese taking special care not to bump Finch’s injured hip. Reese’s arms were free now, so his hands wandered over Finch’s body, touching and conveying all of his love and need. Finch placed his own hands over them to guide them, wordlessly begging Reese to hold him tight, as he leaned back in complete trust against his partner’s broad chest.

“Tell me where it feels good, Finch,” Reese said, beginning to thrust in measured, slow movements that allowed him to explore every inch of Finch’s internal skin. “Tell me how you like it…”

“Mmm! Oh… Right t-there, John…” Finch responded as Reese’s cock found his prostate, a shudder running through him. “Oh! So… good…”

“I love you, Finch,” Reese whispered in his ear, rubbing his sweet spot over and over while he kissed his shoulder. “I… I can’t live without you…”

“John! Oh, John… I love you, too,” Finch confessed, gripping the other man’s hands as he felt himself being led up to his climax. “I love you so much…”

Finch felt warm hands wrapping around his cock and assumed at first that they were Reese’s, but realized that Reese’s hands were directly under his own, the slender fingers playing with his nipples. Opening his eyes, he saw Root sitting up beside him and manipulating his penis, milking it as she had done so many times before when he had been too tired to even attempt sex. Her turkey-baster pipette was ready to catch every last drop of his semen, including his pre-cum, to be inserted into her vaginal tract later. The thought of her impregnating herself with his seed hindered him from ejaculating for a moment, but nothing could prevent him from cumming for long – not with Reese’s hot, solid cock pressing into him, plundering him, loving him, owning him. With a strangled cry, Finch released his precious semen in several long, ropy strands which were sucked immediately into Root’s pipette, then fell back onto Reese’s welcoming torso, trembling.

“Oh, very good,” Root murmured appreciatively as she inspected the large amount of fluid in the pipette tube. “I should have had John join us sooner…”

Meanwhile, Reese had been holding off his own climax only because he had wanted to pleasure Finch first; as Finch had finished, he had allowed himself to thrust faster and more frantically, and the tremors which had passed through his lover’s body had stimulated him beyond any semblance of control. He clutched at Finch’s soft flesh as he felt the floodgates of his passion burst open. His cum spilled into Finch’s narrow passage, getting smeared all around as Reese’s cock continued to thrust and lubricating it as no artificial lubricant could. When he had emptied his organ of every last drop, Reese too lay spent, sated, and nearly exhausted on the bed, still holding Finch against himself lovingly and protectively.

As they rested and waited for their labored breathing to calm, they both heard Root sigh with satisfaction and saw that she had inserted the pipette into her body. She had lifted her hips with her legs so that her crotch was pointed up towards the ceiling, her shoulders digging into the bed.

“Mmm… so much cum,” she smiled, turning dreamy eyes to the two men. “I really should have had John help us out much sooner… Plus you two are really hot together. I had fun just watching you!”

“Well, I hate to break up the party,” Reese announced, his grip on Finch tightening, “but as you noted before, I’m not good at sharing. I’ll be taking Harold back where he belongs now – with me.”

“But you can’t! I don’t know if I’m pregnant yet or not,” Root protested.

“I really don’t see how you couldn’t be,” Finch pointed out dryly, “after all the… ‘baby-making sessions’ we’ve had…”

“I’m surprised you even agreed to it, Finch,” Reese remarked. “I thought you didn’t want kids.”

“I never said that. I merely mentioned that you never know how they’re going to turn out,” he corrected. “Although I do realize how ironic this situation is… You’re the one who always wanted a family.”

“You know, I almost decided to have John be the father when I saw how handsome he was,” Root giggled. “But I’m glad I waited to meet you, Harold. Although I might be persuaded to have a second baby with you, John, if you really want one.”

Reese considered it for a moment, then shrugged. “Why not? But I get to be Uncle John to Harold’s baby, right?”

“Of course, John!” Root assured him. “I hope both of you will help nurture the baby – to teach him or her all your valuable knowledge as he or she grows up. You are both very talented men. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go use one of my testers to see if we’ve been successful…”

When Root had disappeared into the bathroom, Reese nudged Finch playfully with his knee (on his uninjured leg, of course).

“Did you really miss me?”

“Of course, John. But I knew you would come and rescue me.”

“But you really couldn’t ‘perform’ until you had that thing stuck up your ass?”

Finch swallowed, his lips quirking at the laughter inherent in Reese’s words.

“I’m not as young as I used to be, and she’s had me going non-stop. Even with Viagra, there are limits to how much a man can… produce.”

Reese was chuckling, nuzzling the back of Finch’s head with the tip of his nose, when the bedroom door was flung open for the second time that night.

“Freeze! Police!”

Reese and Finch looked up to find Carter and Fusco standing there, guns drawn, but with both mouths hanging open as they took in the scene before them.

“Jesus Christ!” Fusco swore.

“You know, it’s funny – a lot of people call me that. I have no idea why,” Reese replied with aplomb.

“I thought you’d been kidnapped,” Carter said accusingly at Finch.

“I was. John just came to rescue me,” he told her.

“And you celebrated by doing the nasty? That’s just… nasty,” Fusco grumbled.

“On the contrary – it was quite delightful,” Finch countered, although he was scrabbling at the sheet beneath him to try to cover himself. Reese solved the problem for him by wrapping his hands around Finch’s exposed privates.

“It was, wasn’t it?” he smirked.

All four of them heard running footsteps before the door to the hallway was kicked open and two more figures burst through the open bedroom door.

“Freeze! FBI!” shouted one: Special Agent Donnelley. The other, though also brandishing a weapon, was in street clothes: Detective Szymanski. Both saw the two men lying naked on the bed, still connected, and blushed bright scarlet.

“What the…” Szymanski began, but his voice trailed off as Root emerged from the bathroom without a stitch of clothing on her, either.

“We’re having a BABY!!!” she cried in triumph, hardly even noticing the crowd of law enforcement gathering in the room. “I’m PREGNANT! You’re going to be a DADDY, Harold!!”

“Hey!!!” Reese cheered, flashing a smile at Root and punching Finch lightly on the arm. “I think that means you can come home now!”

“Oh, thank God,” was Finch’s honest response. “I just need to rest…”

“Not if I have anything to say about it,” Reese teased, his hands fondling Finch’s privates. “But don’t worry – I’ll do all the work. You can just lie like broccoli as I make love to you, over and over…”

Reese began kissing Finch from behind, craning his neck to reach his cheeks, and Root finally realized that there were four additional guests in the room.

“Who are you people?” she asked, though nothing could diminish her joy. “Did John invite you? We can try foursomes and fivesomes – hell, even an orgy – if you’re all up for it…”

“Really?” Fusco said, one eyebrow perking up.

“Fusco!” Carter hissed as she slapped him.

“Hey, it’s not every day that I get an offer like that!” he argued. “It’s not like I have beautiful women falling at my feet every day, begging me to fulfill their twisted fantasies…”

“Uh… Um… You,” Donnelley finally managed to break in, pointing his service weapon at Reese. “You’re under arrest!”

“For what? Being too sexy?” Reese said with another smirk.

“You’ve been identified as being at the scenes of multiple murders, and there are several open warrants for your arrest from other countries,” Donnelley bravely forged on, despite Reese’s obvious lack of concern.

“Just because I was there doesn’t mean I was the one that killed them,” Reese countered. “And the U.S. doesn’t have any extradition treaties with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, or the People’s Republic of China.” He yawned and stretched before finally removing his cock from Finch’s ass and standing up. “Come on, Harold – let’s go somewhere more private and pick up where we left off.”

“Awww, you’re leaving?” Root said with a slight pout. “Why don’t you stay a while and we can… celebrate?”

“I’m sorry, Root, but I think you’ve had Harold all to yourself long enough,” Reese declared. “Why don’t you celebrate with these guys? I’m sure you could persuade at least a couple of them to join you.”

As he made his last remark, he looked pointedly at Donnelley and Szymanski, who both blushed again.

“C’mon, Fusco!” Carter demanded, yanking on her partner’s jacket. “Nothin’ more to see here…”

“Yeah? You gonna compensate me or something?” Fusco asked with a healthy dose of expectation and interest. With a frustrated growl, Carter stomped out of the suite with Fusco tailing closely behind.

“You two will stay, won’t you?” Root said, running a manicured finger up Donnelley’s arm and batting her eyelashes at Szymanski. “I just love to watch…”

Szymanski made a sort of strangled noise in his throat but his feet were apparently rooted to the spot. Donnelley’s eyes were bulging out and he, too, seemed petrified.

“Let’s go, Harold,” Reese said as he helped his partner with his trousers. “Let’s give these kids some privacy.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Finch answered as he tugged on his shirt and stood, then left hand-in-hand with his partner.

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  1. kmmerc

     /  2012/09/08

    You so crazy! Never saw that coming! Loved the oral hygiene photo! Hope something happens to that snake, Root, so Harold and John can raise the baby!

    • ROFL — just a silly smut story! XD
      I wasn’t thinking that far ahead (to them raising the baby) but that would be something, wouldn’t it? 😉

  2. farmgirl1964

     /  2012/09/08

    I love the idea of her wanting Finch’s baby; I don’t believe Reese would just let her walk. I’m not sure if I liked the story as is or not. You’ve thrown me off!!

    • It was just a weird idea I got that refused to be ignored… I’m not sure what they’d do about her, not to mention the baby, but that’s something they’d have to deal with later… But it would be sweet if they could keep the baby and raise it themselves!

  3. 🙂 I ROFLMAO’d through most of this. At first, I thought it was serious fic, but about the time John showed up, I figured it out 😉 Such clever, silly smut. Although I still want Root to fall into a dark hole and die slowly, (lol) you make her almost likable. After all, who wouldn’t want to have Harold’s babies. ^_^

    • Thanks so much! I wondered if Donnelley and Szymanski was a bit much, but at that point I just wanted everyone to get lucky! XD

  4. I actually lmao’d at her wanting his child. XD If I had water in my mouth it would have shot all over my screen. XD OMG. While he’s at it can he father mine, too? XD JK. 😉 Maybe… lol, the mental image of Finch literally squawking like a bird made me laugh. XD Wow, Reese, way to just have sex in front of Finch’s captor. OMG, it’s like a messed-up threesome. XD lol, oh God, of course Team BA just had to find them. And it seems like everyone else. lmao: ““Jesus Christ!” Fusco swore. “You know, it’s funny – a lot of people call me that. I have no idea why,” Reese replied with aplomb.” XD Haha. Yes, Reese, you’re being arrested for being too sexy. *rolls eyes with a smirk* 😉 This is silly alright. And funny. 🙂 And cute. And now I don’t know whether to hate Root or just call her another Rinch fangirl. ^.^ And the boys should raise the baby, since she is kinda crazy as all heck. XD

    • Heeheehee… if Michael Emerson had ever donated to a sperm bank, they’d be auctioning it off to the highest bidder! 😉 I wouldn’t mind carrying either or both of their babies… XD
      Well, Reese DID vow to never pass up an opportunity to make love to his little birdie… XD And yeah, he *should* be arrested for being too sexy!! XD
      “since she is kinda crazy as all heck.” — Amen to that, sistah!!

  5. Mamahub

     /  2012/09/08

    LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Well, I don’t blame Root a BIT for wanting to have Harold’s baby. Smart lady! 🙂 Hope she gets her follow-up with John sometime after she gets out of jail.

    And I loved Agents Donnelly and Szymanski going to be the next “participants” in Root’s crazed orgy! Poor Fusco!!! Carter is always such a wet blanket so he didn’t get to have his fun.


    • I honestly have no idea what would happen after all this, although I do see Donnelley and Szymanski getting it on (with Root cheering them on) and Fusco dogging Carter until she caves. Of course, she could bring out the chair and whip… in which case Fusco might regret ever suggesting it… XD

      Thanks!! 😀

      • kmmerc

         /  2012/09/08

        I am about to start writing a Donelley/Szymanski romantic story! Great minds…

      • Awesome! Can’t wait to read it. Donnelley needs to get some!! XD

  6. Plink 42

     /  2012/09/08

    Well, that was out of the blue. While I’m all for marathon sex with Harold, did it have to be with her? Now I’m concerned about the potentially psychopathic babies. 😉

    This was silly and hot and fun all at once. I was giggling by the end. Though I’m hoping that when the show comes back, Reese puts a bullet in Root’s head for taking my Finch.

    Just needed to say that out loud. 😀

    • I agree — Root needs to have a bullet put through her head in the show, but I thought she might be a good catalyst to get those guys together. After all, she made Reese realize how much he’s come to rely on Finch, right? And how he simply can’t function without his “friend”… 😉

      The psychopahtic baby would need to be taken away from her and raised by our two heroes. Maybe something like in “Quartetto” (shameless plug) where I had his ex-wife die in a car accident so he could have sole custody of their daughter and his gay lover could adopt her…

  7. Jules

     /  2012/09/09

    =-O :-* :O o_O o_O o_O o_O!!!!! Utter crack. LOL’d at the “Jesus Christ” joke. I think you made Root even crazier!

    (Long time no rant, hope you have been well, and I look forward to reading what fics S2 inspires!). 😀

    • Hey there my dear QualityReviewer!!! 😀

      Heeheehee… but I think she’s much more sinister in the show. Maybe Reese will have to kneecap her? 😉

  8. rainiejanie

     /  2012/09/09

    The ending got a little *too* silly for me, but I so lol’d at the Jesus joke!

    I hope something bad happens to Root when it comes back. When she first caught Finch, I wanted to punch that smug smile off her face. Hope Reese does it for me. Or even Finch!

    • Cool! My mission is accomplished if I got you to LOL at anything! 😉

      Finch could poke her in the eye! 😀

  9. LOL Didn’t get the Jesus joke until rainie janie mentioned it. Duh! Completely crack and our of character, but hilarious nevertheless.

  10. managerie76

     /  2013/02/11


  11. Sam Rawana

     /  2013/03/24

    For love of god, Root, leave our boys alone!


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