Twisted Pleasure

Cris couldn’t believe what was happening to him ‒ the man assaulting him was seriously TWISTED!

WARNING: Non-con, brutality, and character death.

“You can’t be serious!” Cris protested as he was forced face-down against the counter in the lab where he worked. He had caught a glimpse of the naked man standing behind him, and was panicked ‒ with good reason. “There’s no way you can fit inside me!”

“I’ll fit,” the man told him flatly, in what sounded like a New Jersey accent. “C’mon, buddy, don’t make this harder on yerself. Let’s see those sweet cheeks!”

No! Please, god, no!” he moaned, but having already been stripped down to only his socks and shoes, he had nothing with which to defend himself. The man behind him was small and wiry, but tough ‒ it had taken him very little time to rob Cris of his clothes and now, Cris feared, his virginity. He felt rough fingers poke into his ass and cried out.

“Relax! Don’t fight it,” the man ordered. “Now, what’s gonna happen is gonna happen, all right? I’m not gonna kill ya as long as you don’t make a fuss, so just calm down and let it happen. Who knows, ya may even like it!”

And with that, the man pressed himself into Cris.

“AAAIIAUUGHHH!” Cris howled in pain. It felt like his insides were being pushed aside to make way for the man’s enormous prick.

“Easy, easy,” the man said, in what he might have meant to be a soothing manner. “The worst part is over. Ahhh, that’s good! Can you feel me inside of ya? Right up inside yer chocolate wiz-way?”

The only response he got out of Cris was a groan, but it didn’t seem to dampen his spirits.

“I wasn’t too thrilled to find you here tonight, instead of that hot babe that usually works here, but hey,” he reasoned, “parts is parts, right? And I figure as long as it gets the job done, who’m I to complain?”

Cris was only half listening, trembling like a leaf as his assailant probed deeper into his body.

“Hey, stop clenching!” the man said, smacking Cris’s head from behind. “Do you think it’s easy fer me? With you all tight and squeezing like that? Loosen up and let me in! Like I said, what’s gonna happen is gonna happen. No sense making me rip you apart. And don’t fall to pieces like a fuckin’ girl, either! Just breathe and open yerself up. Breathe, I said! There, that’s better… Nice ‘n’ easy…”

“Owww,” Cris whimpered as the man’s prick penetrated even deeper. “It… It hurts! It feels like… like it’s getting bigger…”

“‘Course it does,” the man replied, “I’m thickest in the middle. But you’re almost over the hump… just a little more… ahhh! That’s right, keep breathing…”

Cris actually needed to be reminded to breathe. He could not help focusing on the pain, but as he remembered to inhale and exhale slowly, the pain did seem to lessen. He could feel the man continue to press his thick, long prick inside, but the initial sting of the intrusion was beginning to wear off.

“See? It does fit. Fits perfectly, just like a glove!” the man crowed in triumph. He was completely inside of Cris now.

“Please… just… get it over with,” Cris begged through gritted teeth.

“Sure, that’s all I ever wanted to do,” the man retorted as he began to move ‒ back and forth, back and forth, in an ever-increasing rhythm that worked gradually up into a frenzy. Cris braced himself against the counter under the onslaught of the other man’s lust, hoping, praying for it all to end. His rapist had not used any lubricant so his rear entrance was being rubbed raw, but he smarted more from the humiliation than the physical pain. He had not been able to prevent this from happening. He had tried to reason with the man, begged and wheedled, then attempted to fight him off, but all in vain. The man had gotten his wish: to rape whomever he found in the lab and get his rocks off.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” the man gasped as he neared his goal. The quick jabs in Cris’s ass sent lightning streaks of pain shooting through him, preventing him from realizing what would happen next until it was already happening. “Ah! Ah! AHHH! AHHHHH!” his attacker yelled, depositing his filthy ejaculate deep inside of Cris’s violated body.

“Oh, yeah… fuck, yeah!” the man panted, sated and content. “I gave ya somethin’ to remember me by, didn’t I? A little present. Hell, maybe you can get pregnant on that load, eh? Turn into a little pregger, like the bitch you are?”

“Please…” Cris whimpered. “Just… please… pull it out… Get it out of me!”

“Y’know what?” the man said in a low tone, leaning over Cris’s back to murmur into his ear. “I think I like being inside of yer ass. Yeah! Feels pretty good, don’t it? It’s actually kinda nice. I think I might stay in here a while. Maybe I’ll just stay in here forever!

The man gave a final hard shove into Cris, but at that very moment a loud, cracking noise ripped through the lab.

“NOOOOOOO!” the man shrieked, falling backwards onto the floor in pain and clutching at his crotch ‒ where his sizeable prick used to be.

“Wha-What?” Cris asked, confused, but relieved to no longer have the man holding him down against the counter. He turned to see what had caused his assailant to scream and saw him rolling around on the floor in agony.

“My prick! My prick!” the man howled. “It broke off!”

It was true. In that moment Cris also realized that the discomfort in his ass had not lessened and that the man’s thick appendage was no longer appended but disconnected from its owner ‒ stuck inside of him. He now had the prick lodged inside of his ass.

“Get it out! Get it out!” he cried, creeped out and trying in vain to pull it out on his own. But it was buried too deeply inside of his body, and the more he squirmed and attempted to grab it with his fingers, the more it seemed to work its way deeper into his interior. “Nooo! Oh my god, what am I gonna do?” he wailed.

It was a long while before he calmed down enough to call Security, and they in turn called for an ambulance, but it was too late. The man who had assaulted him had died of shock, his body contorted into an unnatural knot on the floor and as stiff as a ‒ well, as a corpse, by the time the coroner arrived. And Cris was X-rayed with the machine right there in the lab, diagnosed to have a piece of his attacker permanently lodged inside of him.

And that, my dear children, is how the Crispy M&M first got a piece of pretzel stuck inside of him. The rest, as they say, is marketing history.

A/N: Did you see that coming? Did you? ROFL!

I couldn’t help myself after watching the commercial with the Orange M&M and the pretzel eyeing each other in distaste. And now you know what happens when my mind goes to the dirty place… Sorry if this story has turned you off from eating Pretzel M&Ms. 😉

Here’s the link to the commercial that inspired this story:

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